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Greenville Business Magazine

About Us

About Us

Greenville Business Magazine is the go-to resource for Greenville area business leaders, rising stars, entrepreneurs, and any people or groups that have a vested interest in the success of the Greenville County business community.

Our timely coverage showcases both broad trends and individual people and companies. Greenville Business Magazine highlights what’s new, what’s developing, and what’s being debated in board rooms, legislative chambers, and office hallways. We share information about who’s making a difference in the Upstate, from prominent Greenville  corporations to thriving non-profits and fledgling start-ups. Each one has an impact on the business landscape, and we ensure that you’re kept as up-to-date as we are on their challenges and successes.

More than news, however, Greenville Business Magazine delivers wisdom, advice, and expertise from local business leaders. Their perspectives on international commerce, manufacturing practices, employee relations, goal-setting, and community service help inform your own knowledge base. While our content is a terrific stand-alone resource, it’s also intended to be a practical, influential tool to guide your business growth.

And with GBM reaching the most powerful business audience in Greenville County and surrounding areas, you can trust that our insights are sound and well-regarded. Through our monthly print magazine, media-rich website, round-the-clock virtual issues library, email broadcasts, and networking events, we offer solid information to move businesses forward.

Any magazine can offer business news.  Greenville Business Magazine delivers business value.

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