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AMAROK: Perimeter Security Innovation

Nov 08, 2023 01:19PM ● By David Dykes

AMAROK, a Columbia, S.C.-based commercial security company specializing in full-perimeter electric fencing, with surveillance solutions, including cameras, lights and alarms, was South Carolina’s 24th fastest-growing company in the 50 Fastest Growing Companies competition. South Carolina’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies competition is the annual ranking of the Palmetto State’s 50 most dynamic and successful companies.

Formerly Electric Guard Dog, AMAROK shifted names and branding in 2020 to better reflect the aggressiveness and dedication of its crime-prevention efforts for customers. The company provides electric fencing and perimeter security systems for a variety of companies, including construction sites, warehouses, self-storage facilities, and data centers.

In 1973, the founder Bill Mullis started out with a much simpler security solution – guard dogs. For 20 years, he provided guard dogs to businesses in need of a security solution.

Company officials say modern, integrated perimeter security solutions deserved a brand to match – and one that better reflected their fierce commitment to customers – so Electric Guard Dog became AMAROK. Named after the wolflike creature of legend, the officials say AMAROK pays homage to their heritage and signals their continued pursuit of perimeter security innovation.

The company’s CEO, Mark Wesley, said AMAROK, now owned by two private equity firms, operates in 48 states with slightly more than 400 employees, including 200 in Columbia in sales, finance, human resources, information technology and project management. He expects the company to continue to grow “at a really nice clip.” 

“We’ve invested in marketing and building a really robust marketing organization and marketing program,” he said. “Any time that there’s heightened anxiety, people like security.”

The company has recorded good growth in the equipment rental sector, truck fleet and vehicle protection, and landscaping equipment protection.  

AMAROK also offers commercial property protection with its FORTIFEYE deterrence – which the company calls the nation‘s first fully integrated perimeter security solution using electric fencing, video surveillance, and video monitoring.

Wesley, who attended the United States Naval Academy and is a United States Marine Corps veteran, said the company’s culture is one of main keys to its success.

“I see myself as the champion of the culture,” he said. “One of my main responsibilities as CEO is to continue to find ways to enhance what’s already a strong culture. If you have a group of 400 team members that all are putting their heart and soul into what they’re doing when they’re at work, you’re going to achieve a lot better results than if they’re just punching a time clock and don’t really care about what they’re doing.”   

To build camaraderie among employees, AMAROK sponsors events such as a cornhole tournament and has a softball team that recently won six consecutive games.

“Really what we do well in terms of building a strong culture is we listen to our employees,” Wesley said. That involves several surveys to gather employee feedback, he said.

“We listen to them, and we try to take action based on what they tell us is going to build their engagement and motivate them more,” Wesley said.