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Family Raises Money, Awareness for Childhood Cancer Research

Sep 11, 2023 10:43AM ● By Liv Osby

(Photos courtesy of Michael and Bronwen Greene)

A bright gold bow adorning a home’s front door or mailbox warms Bronwen Greene’s heart.

It means the people who live there support research into childhood cancer, the disease that claimed her young son’s life.

Ian was just 12 when he succumbed to osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer. 

And Bronwen and Michael Greene, both Greenville physicians, have dedicated themselves to supporting research into finding a treatment and cure.

A bright, enthusiastic, and loving boy who loved playing soccer, Ian began to have pain in his knee that at first was thought to be a sports injury, his parents said. 

But just weeks later, in November 2019, he was diagnosed with cancer and started the standard treatment of chemotherapy followed by surgery.

“They came up with that treatment about 40 years ago,” said Ian’s dad, “and that was the last advance in the treatment of osteosarcoma.”  

Initially, Ian appeared to be doing well, his parents said. But soon, the cancer spread. And just five months later, he passed away.

Since then, Bronwen said, it’s been rewarding to work with a group called MIB Agents, or Make it Better for Kids, a pediatric osteosarcoma nonprofit dedicated to helping patients, families and others through programs, education, and research.  

“Being part of an organization so dedicated to supporting patients and families, and funding meaningful research has been helpful for me as far as coping,” she said.

Their efforts include participating in fundraisers, such as offering the gold bows during September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, to help fund research and raise awareness about childhood cancer.

“Just to ride past houses that have them is encouragement for us,” said Bronwen, “and hope for other people in that it does bring more awareness.”

Michael said he expects the research will bring great strides in our lifetimes that will help children with cancer in the future.

“It’s too late for us,” he said. “But we have hope.”

To learn more about MIB Agents and to purchase a gold bow, go to