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Lessons Learned: How to Gain From What Life Has Taught You

Jul 10, 2023 04:07PM ● By Jessica Donan

Recently, I read an article that stated (and I am paraphrasing) that life is a great opportunity for learning and that people who pay attention to the lessons that life teaches tend to be the ones who attain success.

This article struck a nerve because while my life has certainly taught me a great deal, have I learned from the lessons that life has been teaching me? Furthermore, how were they defining success? I just wasn’t sure, so it led me to be introspective on what actions have I taken related to the lessons I have been taught. 

Perhaps consistent with many women who choose to be in the workforce, my lessons have ranged from how to manage a career while raising children to how to climb the corporate ladder without getting knocked off or hitting a ceiling. Before my introspection, I don’t think I appreciated the correlation between my life lessons and the pieces of advice I have shared with others over the years. So as of now I am no longer considering my previous “Top 10 Pieces of Advice” as advice alone but also as my lessons learned.

Every situation calls for one or more of the 3 Ps: Patience, Positivity, and Perseverance

Relationships matter … don’t take them for granted

Always remember where you were when…

Think long-term when challenged, as the easy path may lead to less opportunity

Be open to advice, doesn’t mean you have to take it

Be open to career alternatives … it may work out better than you thought

Learn about others … be curious

Lead from any chair

The answer is always no until you ask

Be both a student and a teacher for life

All that said, I hope you’re able to discover and fully embrace the valuable advice that has come from your own life lessons. And as far as success is defined, I have decided that if I am following my own advice, I can define it for myself. No need to let others define it for me.