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Lessons Learned: Use Adversity to Build Confidence

Jul 10, 2023 03:01PM ● By Meliah Bowers Jefferson

I had a widowmaker heart attack at the age of 33, just after becoming a mother and as my legal career was taking off. That experience forever changed my perspective on what is important and taught me the most powerful, purposeful lessons of my life. Whether it’s in business or in my personal life, I rely on these lessons to stay focused and aligned with my true values and goals. I want to share some of these lessons with you, so you don’t get derailed by setbacks.

1). Use Adversity to Build Confidence

Adversity and setbacks are inevitable. So, don’t waste the opportunity for growth by dwelling on the past. Instead, reflect on the lessons learned from those experiences, and recognize the power that gives you. You are a survivor. Remind yourself of this when you need a boost of confidence, like when you have a big presentation coming up or need to have a tough conversation. Remember that you are strong and capable and have survived every difficult moment you’ve encountered.

2). Align Your Career with Your Vision for Your Life

We’ve spent years talking about work-life balance, but the concept unnecessarily pits work and life against each other. I prefer to think about it in terms of alignment. Look inward to determine what really matters to you. Who and what are most important to you? What are you trying to achieve for yourself and for others? What are the components of a well-lived life that will make it possible for you to prioritize what is most important? Asking these kinds of questions will put you on the right path to feeling good and grounded in work as just a part of a life well lived. And be sure to reevaluate regularly because as we evolve, so do our priorities.

3). Trust Your Intuition

Your gut. Your instincts. That little voice inside your head. Whatever you want to call it, go with it. You know when something doesn’t feel right, but instead of embracing that feeling and using it to inform the choices you make, you dismiss it. Next time you get this feeling, take a step back to reevaluate. Does the whole situation feel wrong, or just one little piece of it? What needs to change? Do you need help to fix it?  Be honest with yourself and trust your intuition. You will be amazed at how accurate it is.

By incorporating these and other lessons into your daily life, you will be better equipped to face challenges head-on, stay focused on your goals, and ultimately create a life that is deeply aligned with who you truly are.