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FivePoint Solutions Acquires Street Smart LLC

May 04, 2020 11:20AM ● By David Dykes

Lexington-based technology company FivePoint Solutions said it had acquired Street Smart LLC, a real-time information and intelligence collection and dissemination tool for law enforcement.

FivePoint Solutions is an industry-leader in officer and school safety, diversion program case management, data exchange and federated queries.

The acquisition of Street Smart will complement FivePoint Solutions' existing officer safety platform, as the company continues to provide critical data to law enforcement agencies throughout the country, company officials said. 

Street Smart is a software solution that arms police officers with real-time information and intelligence. It streamlines officers' efforts by providing them with continuously updated crime maps, situation-based bulletins and geo-coded discussion boards. 

It also gives law enforcement officers the ability to perform single data searches for relevant information across multiple streams. The information gathered can be immediately shared with other officers and agencies.

"We are committed to working with our law enforcement customers to continue to increase officer safety," said Cicero "Ro" Lucas, CEO of FivePoint Solutions. "The acquisition of Street Smart allows FivePoint Solutions to offer our customers a unique, highly efficient and intuitive platform for the collection, organization and distribution of essential data in real-time."

Said Jim Montagnino, former Street Smart president: "I'm pleased that the Street Smart solution has found the perfect home with FivePoint Solutions. I was involved with the launch of Street Smart, have always been proud of the solution, and look forward to working with FivePoint Solutions as an advisor."

The acquisition of Street Smart LLC by FivePoint Solutions represents the company's latest step in continuing to provide transformative technology for government and law enforcement agencies, company officials said.

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