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Greenville Business Magazine

2019 SC 25 Fastest Growing Companies: No. 5 Plus-Plus USA

LEADERSHIP Ryan Hamilton, Head of Operations and Product Development 


LOCATION Greenville


What is the one thing that you would want others to know about your company?

We are not just a construction toy! Plus-Plus is an open-ended, creative tool for play.

How do you manage fast growth? What advice would you give to a company in growth mode? 

By constantly asking myself, "Is the work I'm doing right now growing the company or merely keeping it running?" If that task or responsibility does not have the potential to directly grow sales or profitability, it probably needs to be delegated. 

What lessons did you learn the hard way? If you could go back five or 10 years, what advice would you tell yourself?

The old adage is true about the three rules of business: it will take twice as long as you thought, require twice as much money as you thought, and there are no exceptions. I would tell myself to be more realistic about the need for cash to fuel growth.

What books would you recommend reading? 

There are so many great books that have been vital for my business! A few of the ones I return to over and over are: "E-Myth" by Michael Gerber, "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey, and "Deep Work" by Cal Newport.

What marketing tips would you offer other companies? 

We are not great at marketing, to be honest, but we're getting better. I would advise companies to set money aside for marketing from the start—it's an easy area to neglect on the P&L.

What is the secret to your success?

Prayer, persistence and an incredible team of people who do the work every day.