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Greenville Named Least Maxed-Out Metro

Nov 09, 2017 02:33PM ● By Kathleen Maris

LendingTree did a study to find out which cities in the U.S. are "maxed-out" on credit by looking at where people have at least one maxed-out card, how high their balances are across all cards versus their total credit limits, and taking a sample of more than a million anonymized My LendingTree users in 50 of the largest metropolitan areas. They then created a “Maxed-Out Score” between 0 to 100, with 100 signaling metros where consumers are most maxed out on their credit.

The least maxed-out place in the ranking was Greenville with a score of 10. The study states that just 15.1 percent of residents have a maxed-out card account in their credit file. Residents have an average utilization rate of 27.6 percent, versus 28.4 percent for #49, Milwaukee, Wis.

Average credit card balances in Greenville are $4,672 — roughly 30 percent lower than those in the most maxed-out metro, San Diego.

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