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Local dog trainer releases first e-book

Sep 26, 2017 03:59PM ● By Emily Stevenson

Connie Cleveland, a dog trainer recognized for her work with family dogs and dogs involved in obedience and field trial competitions, as well as dogs exhibiting challenging behavioral problems, has released her first online e-book training product, Home Study for Your New Puppy: Teaching the Basics. Cleveland is a highly regarded presenter at dog training seminars in both North and South America, and is also owner of the Dog Trainers Workshop, a spacious center for dog lovers set on 14 acres with a pond and walking trail, and featuring an indoor training facility, an outdoor agility ring, and boarding kennel. Cleveland's dog Eli was the first Golden Retriever to earn both field and obedience championships, and her dog Ezra is the only Labrador to have earned an obedience trial championship, a field championship, and an amateur field championship.

The new online e-book includes eight text lessons with 29 training videos featuring Cleveland training puppies of various breeds, demonstrating the topics in each lesson. The e-book allows readers easy access on the device of their choice and provides purchasers with the ability to print out a 56-page pdf booklet of the text and photos. Home Study for Your New Puppy: Teaching the Basics covers how to teach basic skills to a puppy including: sitting and lying down on command, walking on a loose leash, staying on a bed, not jumping on visitors, retrieving for exercise, and the most important skill of all – coming when called. It also includes bonus material about socialization, spending time in a crate, navigating stairs, barking, and housebreaking. Regardless of whether owners want their dogs to be simply home pets or whether they have plans to compete in performance dog sports, the e-book helps owners establish a good foundation for their new puppy.

"I've spent my life competing and training dogs and their owners, and a great dog begins with a good foundation in manners and basic obedience skills," said Cleveland. "I've also spent many hours helping owners with problem behaviors -- from highly aggressive dogs to fearful, unsocialized dogs. Helping to save the lives of dogs and helping owners enjoy healthy relationships with their dogs has been a life-long passion of mine. I can truly say that if every dog owner started with a strong foundation in basic manners and obedience skills with a new puppy, I would see fewer problem dogs in the future."

"That's why I've chosen the new puppy owner for my first e-book release. There's a critical need for every puppy and new dog to have a great start in their new homes, and not everybody has access to a good dog training facility. Home Study for Your New Puppy: Teaching the Basics provides the information everyone needs to get their puppy off to a great start in their new homes and surrounding communities."

Cleveland offers a variety of online obedience training products for purchase at including: a DVD training series, digital obedience guides with text and embedded videos, webinars on a variety of topics, and E-books. She also offers a host of free resources for dog owners -- from new puppy owners, those just starting out in obedience training, seasoned obedience competitors, service dog owners, and owners with problem dogs -- at the DTW website. The physical facility at the Dog Trainers Workshop, located in Fountain Inn, S.C., features an array of services including pet and competitive obedience classes, agility instruction, day and boarding schools, regular boarding services, and private lessons.

Those interested in Home Study for Your New Puppy may purchase it at A free chapter is available for review (no registration is required) -- at