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Nominate Top Companies

Oct 11, 2021 02:08PM ● By Bob Helbig

After more than a year of battling Covid, employers are in for another fight: finding and hiring talent and keeping the great workers they already have. Recruiting and retaining employees is at the heart of the South Carolina Top Workplaces program, which is underway for the sixth year.

Any organization with 35 or more employees in South Carolina is eligible to compete for 2022 Top Workplaces recognition. It’s an ideal way for employers to stand out in the job market, and it’s a way to make sure employers and employees are on the same page.

The nomination deadline is Nov. 30. Anyone can nominate any organization, whether it is public, private, nonprofit, a school, or even a government agency. To nominate an employer, just go to or call 864-501-9699.

Workplaces are evaluated by employees using a short 24-question survey that takes about five minutes to complete. Companies in  South Carolina will be surveyed from October to February. Energage, the Pennsylvania-based survey partner for the project, conducts Top Workplaces surveys for media in 59 markets nationwide and surveyed more than 2 million employees at more than 8,000 organizations in the past year.

“Through the Top Workplaces survey process, organizations get the data they need to recruit the right talent and the insights they need to retain that talent,” said Eric Rubino, Energage CEO. “If Covid taught us anything, it’s that asking questions and listening to employees is critical to navigating this new world of work. More than ever, you need to be more intentional about your culture.”

For 2021, 43 companies were featured as Top Workplaces in Greenville Business Magazine, Columbia Business Monthly, and Charleston Business Magazine. They included a five-time winner, Greenville-based Interim Healthcare of the Upstate, as well as first-time winner Anderson University.

Nearly 8,500 employees were invited to survey, and 5,294 responded.

For the 2022 campaign, the results will be published in May.

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