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ReWa To Assume Responsibility For Sewer, Wastewater Treatment Services For More than 1,100 Customers Served by Anderson County

Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) has entered into a strategic partnership with Anderson County officials to manage and maintain sewer service and wastewater treatment operations for 1,100 customers in the county’s northeastern corridor.

The partnership, authorized by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and approved in a series of public votes by both ReWa’s governing board and Anderson County Council throughout May and June, took effect on July 1.

Customers—all of whom are billed by either Greenville Water or the Powdersville and Big Creek water districts—should experience no disruptions or changes in their service, and that includes what they’ll see on their bills: ReWa has agreed to maintain these customers’ current rates for a period of three years, during which time the utility will initiate a review of local infrastructure and consider a strategic path for future needs.

“The rapid growth in Anderson County has encouraged us all to work together on behalf of our citizens,” said Rusty Burns, Anderson County administrator. “This partnership provides area rate payers with better service through improved infrastructure, greater technology investment and operating efficiencies.”

ReWa has also affirmed its commitment to providing the very best possible service to new customers in Anderson County, including making the sustained investments in technology and infrastructure that are needed to support, maintain, and extend economic growth.

“We are working hard to ensure an easy and seamless transfer for our valued customers and will maintain the status quo to ensure that their costs, billing, and repair processes—and even customer service contacts—remain the same as we move through the integration process,” said Graham W. Rich, ReWa’s chief executive officer. “We look forward to providing service to these new homes and businesses and are confident that they will come to value all that we can offer the growing community, from technology and environmental benefits to unsurpassed customer service.”