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Spencer Hines Announces May 2019 Sales and Leases

Spencer Hines announces the following sales and leases for May 2019:


              Valley Falls Rd., Spartanburg
13.84 acres; $400,000; Land
              Buyer: Higher Learning Housing
              Seller: Roy hall Living Trust
              Agent: Dale Seay, Andy Hayes, Ben Hines

              680 Buffington Rd., Spartanburg
              300 square feet; $175,000; Industrial
              Buyer: Blue Lotus Properties
              Seller: J Burke Investments
              Agent: Robbie Romeiser

              204 Knollwood Dr., Spartanburg
              .76 acres; $55,000; Land
              Buyer: Claybrook Holdings LLC
              Seller: Ten Plus LLC
              Agent: Guy Harris, Guy Harris Jr.

              1623 John B White Sr Blvd., Spartanburg
              .76 acres; $295,000; Land
              Buyer: Claybrook Holdings LLC
              Seller: Ten Plus, LLC
              Agent: Guy Harris, Guy Harris Jr.

              349 E. St. John St., Spartanburg
              2100 square feet; $170,000; Office
              Buyer: Locus, LLC
              Seller: Alconon, Inc
              Agent: Craig Jacobs

              346 Union St., Spartanburg
              8850 square feet; $275,000; Retail
              Buyer: Borod, Inc
              Seller: Estate of Larry Donald Morris
              Agent: Andy Hayes, Ben Hines

              Cannons Campground Rd., Spartanburg
              19 acres; $250,000; Land
              Buyer: Regional Utility Service
              Seller: Jack Nodine
              Agent: Lynn Spencer

              Reidville Rd., Greer
              1.58 acres; $140,000; Land
              Buyer: Pellegrino Holdings LLP
              Seller: Doris Smith
              Agent: Neal Boyett

              1491 Kist Rd., Greer
              10.94 acres; $552,470; Land
              Buyer: Pellegrino Holdings LLP
              Seller: John Porter/Doris Porter/Trustee
              Agent: Neal Boyett

              121 Galbraith St., Spartanburg
              9000 square feet; $590,000; Office
              Buyer: Iron Gate LLC
              Seller: Harlean LLP
              Agent: Neal Boyett

              288 E. Mill St., Columbus, NC
              896 square feet; $125,000; Office
              Buyer: Becker Properties LLC
              Seller: Louis Rossi
              Agent: Guy Harris, Guy Harris Jr.

              Hwy 9 & Seay Rd., Inman
              4.65 acres; $410,000; Land
              Buyer: Elev8+ Prop.
              Seller: Cly Gilbert
              Agent: Neal Boyett, Andy Hayes, Ben Hines


              150 Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg
              1400 square feet; Retail Renewal
              Lessee: Upstate Nails
              Lessor: Blackstock Westside Assoc.
              Agent: Robbie Romeiser

              1802 Drayton Rd. #124-D, Spartanburg
              1466 square feet; Retail
              Lessee: Lauren Ashton Salon
              Lessor: The Sherbert Group
              Agent: Greyson Furnas, Dylan Abernathy, Andy Hayes, Ben Hines

              430 Heywood Rd., Greenville
              2520 square feet; Retail
              Lessee: Telecell NC
              Lessor: KRKS Investments
              Agent: Guy Harris, Guy Harris Jr., Zach Hines

              1400 Boiling Springs Rd., Spartanburg
              1000 square feet; Office
              Lessee: Access Therapies
              Lessor: DL Properties of the Upstate
              Agent: Andy Hayes, Ben Hines, Neal Boyett

              324 N. Pine St., Spartanburg
              1800 square feet; Office
              Lessee: USC Upstate
              Lessor: CRF, Inc
              Agent: Andy Hayes, Ben Hines

              128 E. Main St., Duncan
              Lessee: Tori Sky
              Lessor: Brian Armstrong
              Agent: Dale Seay, Lynn Spencer

              2715 Ashton Dr., Wilmington NC
              1455 square feet; Office
              Lessee: The Charles Lea Center
              Lessor: Irongate, LLC
              Agent: Craig Jacobs

              101 Southwest Park Dr., Spartanburg
              6000 square feet; Industrial
              Lessee: JM Smith Corp.
              Lessor: RLLR Group LLC
              Agent: Craig Jacobs, Lynn Spencer

              121 Venture Blvd., Spartanburg
              4000 square feet; Industrial
              Lessee: SXTH Element Engineering
              Lessor: Venture Blvd. LLC
              Agent: Andy Hayes, Ben Hines

              2994 Fairforest Clevedale., Spartanburg #10
              7200 square feet; Industrial
              Lessee: Kusters Zima
              Lessor: Fairforest Southern
              Agent: Andy Hayes, Ben Hines

              227 Cedar Springs Rd., Spartanburg
              Lessee: Total Family Care
              Lessor: N. Greenville University
              Agent: Craig Jacobs

              2500 Winchester Place, Spartanburg
              1200 square feet; Retail
              Lessee: Food It Is
              Lessor: 2500 Winchester Holdings
              Agent: Craig Jacobs