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#10 - Hunter Quinn Homes

Dec 24, 2018 10:04AM ● By Kathleen Maris
Year Founded: 2013
Founder: William Herring
Headquarters location: Mt. Pleasant
Number of employees (present): 25

Hunter Quinn Homes is dedicated to providing a great home buying experience from the first day of new home selection until well after closing. To prove its loyalty to its customers, it offers industry-leading warranties on every home it sells. Hunter Quinn Homes’ post-closing services include both 30-day and one-year follow-ups. One of its builders will personally walk through each home to ensure that its clients are fully satisfied. Hunter Quinn Homes offers such a proactive follow-up process to its clients because it’s committed not only to its homes but also to the clients who live in them. Although it maintains the highest possible construction standards, Hunter Quinn Homes’ service department will ensure that clients continue to be satisfied with their new homes.

Hunter Quinn Homes is currently building new homes in nine communities throughout the Charleston area.

What are the keys to your company’s rapid growth?
William Herring (President): The Charleston area is a fantastic place to live and people are moving here daily. Housing is expensive, but we’ve been able to provide quality homes at fair prices.

Our product is positioned to allow us to meet the affordability of our buyers in key growth locations in the tri-county area. We build primarily single-family detached homes but have several lines of single-family-attached product we build as needed to meet the needs of our customers. Each product has varying sizes and specification levels to ensure we meet the buyer’s needs.

What’s in store for your company?
Hunter Quinn Homes still has room to grow in the Charleston MSA with anticipations of over 150 closings for 2018. We have three large projects breaking ground late ’18 and early ’19, and we will continue to grow. We strive to be a respected industry leader, a place where people want to work.
What are your firm’s biggest challenges and how do you plan to overcome them?  
The labor market, availability of land, and preservation of company culture offer the most challenges. The area’s growth has taxed the population of available skilled trades, as well as the availability of viable land. Strategic land purchasing on the front end as well as homing in on creating and maintaining mutually respectable relationships with our trades have helped us to overcome these challenges.

Maintaining our company culture at the growth rate we’ve experienced has been another challenge within the company. We have a lot of new team members on board and spend a great deal of time ensuring we only bring people on board that can thrive in our culture. To us, their ability to fit culturally is equally as important as their acumen.
What word of advice, if any, has shaped your career and who gave it or where did you read it?
Work hard, surround yourself with the best people, strive to understand every aspect of your business, expect to wear every hat at some point, and remain tenacious.
Growing fast is one thing, but long-term sustainable success is another. What are you doing to make sure your company sticks around for the long haul?
We are fostering a team that is capable of sustaining the momentum, working on counter cyclical strategies, and maintaining a land/lot pipeline to maintain our planned unit volume.
How important is continued learning to your success and if so, what do you do to ensure that you are always learning about your industry, your company, and yourself?
We are always looking to further our knowledge base. We participate in both industry and leadership training on a regular basis for all of our staff.
What does being a success mean to you?
Being the builder of choice for our internal team and our trade partners and knowing that we’ve provided excellent experiences for our homebuyer.