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Black to Business One-Day Conference

Helping entrepreneurs and small business owners erase deficits and enhance business results.

Many small businesses need just the right strategy or insight to move their business forward. On the other hand, some businesses need specific insight to reverse negative trends in cash flow, sales and marketing. No matter where you are, this event is for you. Measurable insight. Measurable strategies. Measurable inspiration with several speakers who have experienced hardships, but have attained massive results.

1. Chris Elmore - cofounder of AvidXchange. A fintech company of 1200 employees valued at nearly 2B.

2. Roshanda Pratt - The RoShow Live. Storyteller strategist seen on numerous media outlets helping entrepreneurs build a story brand by leveraging social media.

3. Deanna Hudgens - Owner - Signature Real Estate, LLC. - Commercial Development

4. Marcus Benjamin - President, The Benjamin Agency. Entrepreneurial speaker to thousands across the country. Executive MBA and consultant to companies ranging from startups to 1B in revenue.

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