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538 Rutherford Rd Suite C
Greenville, SC 29609

Cornerstone Construction provides commercial and residential roofing services as well as gutter, siding and insulation to Upstate Homeowners and Business Owners.


Cornerstone Construction (Greenville area, South Carolina) installed a new metal roof with snow rails, gutters, and GutterGlove Pro gutter guard panels on the house during the summer of 2018. When a winter storm dropped some heavy snow the beginning of December '18, the snow rails ripped off of the roof, the gutters tore from the gutter hangers & straps, some of the GutterGlove Pro panels flipped up like dams and others were ripped off of the house. No other house in the development had their gutters damaged or ripped from the gutter hangers and straps. I contacted Cornerstone Construction the day of the incident and sent pictures. I spoke with GutterGlove Pro Corporate representatives and they stated they have GutterGlove Pro panels installed in heavy snow areas in the U.S. and Canada and they do not fail, and have NEVER failed, like they did in the photos I sent them. I also spoke with the Best Buy Metals store manager for the location where the metal roofing came from and he mentioned the snow rails were not installed correctly. So, two of Cornerstone’s suppliers said their products don’t fail as ours did – one said in the history of their company they have never seen them fail like the ones installed on our house, which leads me to believe that the products were not installed correctly. Cornerstone Construction after a period of time and a number of communications sent a representative out to survey the damage a little over a month after the failure occurred and I was told he would go back and discuss a corrective action plan. Two weeks passed with only one communication from Cornerstone, stating they were going to have another roofing representative (not a Cornerstone Construction employee) stop out to the house and look at the situation. We are now 4.5 weeks from when the Cornerstone Construction representative was at the house (10 weeks from when the failure of the products occurred) - and they have not communicated how they are going to correct the failed installations and products. Over 2 weeks ago and they said in discussions "about what needs to be done not only to fix it but we want to make sure it doesn’t happen again". Communications with the customer are not proactive or very good and right now their Customer Service to stand behind their installation and products is lacking. A week ago, the owner stated in a reply to a Facebook review “but we are still trying to help you.” and “Albert called yesterday to discuss a solution & couldn't get ahold of anyone.” Despite saying both of those comments in two different replies – no one from the company has contacted us, so it seems like these statements are untrue. I did notify my insurance company when Cornerstone FAILED to communicate with me that they were going to address the problems, just to make sure my insurance company was aware in a timely manner of the issues and if the owner of Cornerstone failed to step-up and stand behind his products and crew’s installations. I should not have had to follow through with an insurance claim and have a claim on my record with my insurance company, when Cornerstone said it was in discussion “about what needs to be done not only to fix it but we want to make sure it doesn’t happen again”. That statement tells me, the customer, you are going to fix the problems so they won’t happen again) and I shouldn’t have to pay the deductible, and have that claim against my record with the insurance company. Apparently, when Cornerstone tells a customer they are determining what needs to be done NOT ONLY to fix it, but make sure it doesn’t happen again – that is NOT the truth. “Fix it” to a customer means the issues are going to be corrected. The owner of Cornerstone mentioned a few times that this is an insurance claim – my personal belief, is since he was the ONLY distributor of the Gutterglove Pro panels in the area, that he expected he could get paid again (by my insurance company) to reinstall them correctly the second. The owner of the company did reply to my Facebook review very quickly, but never replied a second time despite saying they attempted to contact me to “discuss a solution” – interesting despite having all my contact info they never reached out to me…..not surprising! Once there were issues with the project, it seemed I would only hear from anyone at Cornerstone after I reached out to the company. I would have thought a reputable company would have be proactive in communicating with a customer that was having problems verses only responding after I made some type of communication with someone from the company. So, by not replying or contacting with me tells me that the owner of Cornerstone Construction DOES NOT WARRANTY his company’s products, installations, or work. The gutter install started on June 4th ’18 and weren’t finished up with the GutterGlove Pro panels until July 26th – so I see that Cornerstone is telling their customers (at least us) can expect to have problems with their products less than 5 months after install is finished, if there is a snow storm, The owner and I discussed a few times during our initial conversations that I would rely on his “expertise”, since he stated he was in the business of roofing, gutters, and the GutterGlove Pro products and has a quote “5 Star rating” – he told me he had been coming to this area with a good friend of his, so of course he would know it snows in the mountains here. I would have thought he would have correctly provided and installed products that are not going to fail during a snow storm and then require his customers to submit a claim against their personal insurance policy. Currently on Cornerstone Construction’s webpage it states “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” & that “we look forward to shaking your hand, looking you in the eye and giving you our word that our work will be above your standard” – both of which apparently are not true, which is extremely disappointing!! I gave Cornerstone Construction ample opportunity (10 weeks) to correct and salvage this job by standing behind products purchased and company’s incorrect installations, by fixing all of the damage that occurred from the storm on December 9th, but they FAILED to be a good reputable company, the owner FAILED to stand behind his written words (on his webpage and in the limited communications with us) and address product & installation issues we were having, or even communicate me as to what the corrective action plan would be, even if they could not get to us and correct the problems immediately. Seems like they are “all talk and no action” – Extremely Disappointed! I would definitely NOT recommend Cornerstone Construction to perform any work.

Submitted on February 18, 2019