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The Woodrunner School of Self-Reliance was created to guide individuals through the process of developing the skills that were once vital to living- as our ancestors did and as many indigenous peoples still do today.

The skills we teach at the school go so much farther than just survival skills. The skills we teach help individuals become self-reliant and thrive in everyday life. We believe that a connection to the Earth through self-sufficiency is crucial in achieving a purposeful, spiritual and practical life. More than learning and teaching the skills to survive, our goal is to encourage a simpler way of life to all that are unhappy with their current way of existing. It is our hope that you will achieve the joy and peace a clear mind and open heart can offer.

Take time to join us. Devote some time with new, like-minded friends. We're sure this opportunity will help you revitalize your view of life.

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2664 Stomp Springs Rd.
Clinton, SC 29325