SC Fastest Growing Companies of 2013

December 02, 2013

SolBright Renewable Energy

SolBright was founded in June of 2009 and is led by Managing Director Patrick Hassell. It is a leading developer, engineering, procurement, and construction firm for the renewable energy field. It’s primary product is the sale and installation of solar panels on a large scale. The company is taking advantage of the growing demand for clean, renewable energy and the falling prices of solar panels. SolBright was founded and built around leveraging existing assets (i.e. roofs, surface lots, parking garages, ground space) for renewable energy implementation.

SolBright targets military installations and large industrial and commercial concerns -- places where it can spread the cost over large assets, rather than just building-by-building.
SolBright is aware that the decision to invest in renewable energy comes down to an often-delicate balance between environmental and financial stewardship. It works with potential clients to help them develop a well thought out strategy.

Part of SolBright’s process is a very detailed financial model tailored to a client’s specific site and specific objectives. This is part of an effective, seven-step process in its engagement with prospective clients. This process is detailed and extensive in nature. The benefit of the process is multifaceted. A well defined process helps to set client expectations, demonstrate the value-add of SolBright, remove obstacles to objective realizations and ensure a timely completion of projects.

Programs and advocacy from SolBright’s professional staff can assist a client’s executive team with a strategy for the near term and the long term. From pilot programs to regional rollouts, SolBright’s team of subject matter experts work to understand a client’s business and ensure an effective and viable corporate renewable energy plan. SolBright works as sub-contractor partner for existing and new construction projects.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy as related to the roofing asset of commercial structures requires specialization, know-how, and often certification levels. SolBright’s products and services help differentiate contractors from their competition providing valuable competitive advantage. SolBright’s team offers contractors quick response to short lead-time opportunities as well as design-build collaborations.

Hassell’s advice to other business people: “My advice for companies seeking to grow in the state of South Carolina is know your marketplace forwards and backwards, surround yourself with exceptional people and talent. And keep a very clean balance sheet. There is no need to take on excessive debt in this market to achieve the objectives and goals that are readily available to all people who are out here seeking to succeed.”

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