SC Fastest Growing Companies of 2013

December 02, 2013

Sandlapper Securities

Sandlapper Securities was founded in 2005 by Trevor Gordon, who is the chief executive. It began primarily as dealer/manager or syndication manager for affiliated real estate investment programs. During the market downturn and global economic crisis, Gordon and his partner Jack Bixler found themselves pigeon-holed. So In 2010 Gordon and Bixler made the conscious decision to expand the business into a full-service, nationwide independent broker/dealer. It was a wise decision. The company has seen revenue growth approaching 500 percent in a very short period of time. It has grown from one employee – Gordon – to about 40-50 employees and advisors around the country. And Gordon predicts the growth will continue as the market rebound continues.

Gordon’s advice to other business people: “Quite simply, number one, believe in yourself and number two, take the risk. If I could do anything over again, I probably would have taken the risk sooner. We work in an environment, a pro-business environment in South Carolina and it has been very good for us and we look forward to continued expansion throughout the region.”

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