Emerging Companies: Chicken Salad Chick

By Katrina Daniel
December 01, 2013
Chicken Salad Chick -- just the name of the fast food restaurant is enough to pique most peoples’ curiosity and taste buds. Then you get a look at the menu, and if you didn’t have a craving for chicken salad before you saw the menu, with clever chick names like Fancy Nancy, Luau Lidia, and Jazzy Julie, you most surely will now.

Julie Beville and Michelle Singleton, two Greenville area women who have been friends for years, decided to team up to launch their new Chicken Salad Chick at Augusta Commons Shopping Center. “We really love the Augusta Commons and the existing tenants are great people, and we also love the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as being close to the hospital and other businesses in the area,” says Beville.

“The tagline says it all, “ Beville says. ‘“A Simple Concept. A Superb Experience.’ Not only did the founder, Stacy Brown, create a great product, once you meet her and her husband Kevin, you instantly learn how they are looking to make Chicken Salad Chick something much more than a place where people come to eat. We were also excited to learn that our beliefs and values were aligned and that this opportunity could create a number of great employment and career opportunities for a lot of people.”

There is actually a chicken salad philosophy: “At Chicken Salad Chick we put an edgy twist on a Southern classic that has fans of all ages asking what we put in our chicken salad to make it so addicting. Of course that’s a secret, but it really comes down to this: A lotta chicken. Barely enough mayonnaise to mention! One-half cup of everything your Mama taught you in the kitchen. One cup of love for the people you are serving. And a dash of Southern style.”

The success of their venture is obvious when you go there during lunch hours. Chicken salad aficionados are streaming through the doors. “Our best sellers, Fancy Nancy, which features apples, grapes, and pecans, as well as out Sassy Scotty, which has bacon, ranch dressing, and cheese are our top sellers. We also have some delicious side items and our customers tell us our broccoli salad and grape salad is to die for! We agree,” says Beville.

Chicken Salad Chick provides catering and tailgate packages. “It’s been great to hear all the different ways people are enjoying our chicken salad. We have a great catering menu and can make setup very easy for the host or business. We also have a great tailgate package and our ‘Quick Chick’ makes it easy for people to pick up just their favorite flavor in case they need to bring an appetizer to a dinner party or to keep something in the fridge for a late night snack.”

While both Beville and Singleton had prior careers in sales and marketing, both were stay-at-home Moms who decided to resume their careers outside the home by taking on the Chicken Salad Chick franchise in the Carolinas. “Our current plan is to bring the Chicken Salad Chick experience to cities throughout the Carolinas. We opened our second location in Lexington, S.C., at the end of October and are actively looking for additional locations in Greenville, along with opportunities in Columbia, Charleston, and Charlotte. We have been very fortunate. We have had great support from the local community and our neighbors at Augusta Commons. Our construction team did a great job and the corporate team at Chicken Salad Chick has a very extensive training program that helped us prepare for this opportunity,” says Beville.

Chicken Salad Chick
Augusta Commons
2222 Augusta St
Greenville, SC
(864) 451-7790

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