The Importance of Job Description

By Jason Mitchell
July 28, 2011

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A good job description is a key tool in managing any organization, while poorly written or out-dated job descriptions can be a barrier to effective management.

A job description should:
  • Set clear job expectations
  • Give managers guidelines to hire, promote and supervise employees
  • Help support hiring, disciplinary, promotion, compensation and termination decisions 
  • Help an employer comply with numerous legal requirements. 

Typically a job description consists of:

  • A job summary - an overview of the position and brief description of important functions
  • Job requirements - education, certifications and experience needed
  • Job functions - a detailed description of duties
  • Other information - other important facts including hours, travel and physical requirements, etc.

Preparing accurate job descriptions is important, but job duties often change over time.  To keep your job descriptions current and accurate:

  • Include the effective date and date of revision on every job description
  • Confirm that the job description is current before posting an open position
  • Keep the job description up-to-date as part of your performance review process

To avoid problems, be sure to review all job descriptions on a set schedule.  You'll be glad you did.

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