August 11, 2017
We've been telling you to learn a new language, and we have more reasons why!  Impress your family, friends and colleagues.  Enhance your resume and expand your employment opportunities.  Deepen your travel experiences and even live or study overseas.  Studies continue to show that language development increases brain power, boosts memory, and augments decision making.  Discover new cultures and enrich relationships. Whether you want to learn a language for work, play, travel or brain power, Upstate International has a class for you!    

At Upstate International you will find language classes in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.  Classes are conducted in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.  Every class is taught by a native speaker dedicated to helping each student succeed.   

Classes meet either once or twice a week, beginning the week of September 10th and ending by early December.  Class fees are $90 per regular twelve-week term or $300 for the ten-week intensive courses.  Annual membership is $50 per person or $75 for a family and is required for every student. Class size is limited, instructors teach to the interests of the students, and fun is part of the curriculum.

All classes are held at Upstate International, 9 S. Memminger Street, Greenville. For the schedule of classes and to register, visit, email Christine Hofbauer at, or call 864-631-2188.

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