July 13, 2017

Located in what was Charlie’s Steak House, is now the “always open” Diner 24. The diner opens its doors on Monday, July 17th with a unique take on classic diner fare that boasts extended weekly dinner specials from 4 PM to 10 PM, locally sourced coffee, and sweet treat accompaniments like milkshakes, floats, and pies.

For those who crave bacon and eggs, a cup of coffee, or vintage diner appetizers late night, this spot will soon become a staple in downtown. Breakfast favorites will also include french toast, waffles, breakfast sandwiches and burgers available around the clock.

“People have been telling us how happy they are that we are here,” explained Britton McCorkle, president & CEO.

Greenville has become a paradise for foodie lovers. The city is flush with community driven events and brings in visitors from all over the state and country. One thing the downtown area has been lacking is a 24-hour restaurant to serve famished individuals after the events end.

Bottle Cap Group and owner, Britton McCorkle, is looking to fill that void with Diner 24, an all day, all night diner serving classic American cuisine.The diner is located at 18 E. Coffee St. and North Brown St. across from Ink N Ivy Greenville. The restaurant can accommodate up to 99 diners.

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