June 30, 2017

Edmund Woo, Upstate restaurateur and owner of Saskatoon restaurant, recently announced a planned nine-acre development along the Haywood Rd corridor that will serve as the new home for the expanded Saskatoon restaurant and new event center. 

The development, with estimated investment of approximately $2.5 million, is located at the corner of Haywood and Halton Roads. It will house a 7,500-square foot restaurant and event center, as well as a fully expanded kitchen that will facilitate both the restaurant as well as the Chef Prepared Paleo Meals  division which serves up to 3,000 pre-packaged Paleo weight loss meals each week.

The restaurant has long been known for its unique take on fine dining, offering wild game that can be found nowhere else in the area, like bison, elk, kangaroo and alligator, in addition to a more standard offering of steaks and fish. Designed to feel like a lodge, the space will provide an oasis through its Northwestern feel and surrounding garden areas and water features, while continuing to provide the same experience, service and flavor that Saskatoon has become known for.

“While growth in the Greenville area has changed focus—from downtown to Laurens Rd to Haywood to Woodruff and back again—we have been approached numerous times to move the restaurant to another location,” said Woo. “This development in this space allowed us to better accommodate our corporate and wedding business, which is limited in our current location, and our event center positions us as a significant player in both spaces. We hope that it serves not only as a boon for the Haywood Road area and its continued development, but as a recommitment from a native Greenvillian to my home city.”

The full development is expected to be up and running by late 2017; the event center will be open for private events, corporate events, and weddings, with bookings starting in early 2018.

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