March 15, 2017

By Bob Helbig


Think about the employees you work alongside. How motivated are they to do great work? Organizations need motivated employees to help deliver strong business results, and it takes leadership to keep employees motivated.

Organizations with highly-engaged workforces are better at motivating employees, according to WorkplaceDynamics, a Pennsylvania research and consulting firm.  

“Top workplaces see the value of motivating people to do great work,” said Fraser Marlow, head of research at WorkplaceDynamics. Here’s what the researchers found:

The company reviewed 6,227 surveys from Top Workplaces contenders nationwide in 2016. One of the survey statements asked employees to respond to the statement, “This company motivates me to give my very best at work.” Employee responders answered on a seven-point scale from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree.”

For the top 10% of organization scores, the positive response to that motivation statement was 96%. The bottom 10% of organizations, which most closely represent a “typical” workforce, had an average score of 62% for that motivation statement.

In other words, the difference between the top decile and bottom decile was 34 percentage points.

“That’s a significant difference in how employees perceive their organization’s efforts to keep them engaged,” Marlow said. “Think about the flip side, that in low-engagement environments, 38% of employees didn’t see enough efforts from their employer to keep them motivated.” 

So how does your organization measure on motivation? Take the Top Workplaces survey to find out. It’s fast, and it’s free. And every participating company receives survey feedback for free. Nominate your company as a Top Workplace at

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