February 08, 2017

The fast-growing company that is changing the face of the college gameday experience by providing fans with the best possible options to purchase tickets is expanding to all schools in the Power Five conferences for the 2017 football season.

Founded in 2014, BANDWAGON is revolutionizing the way fans purchase tickets from other fans, said Harold Hughes, the company’s founder. Instead of just buying random tickets for football Saturdays, BANDWAGON allows users to customize things such as if they want to be in a family-friendly section or around college students, if they want shaded seats, if they want to be around fans of a certain school.

“We want this to be about what the fan experience,” Hughes said. “Tickets are a big investment for a lot of people. Why not get the most out of them?”

The idea for BANDWAGON came from Hughes trying to sell extra tickets to a Clemson-Ole Miss game several years ago. A Clemson grad and fan, he wanted to make sure he sold tickets to other Tiger backers as well as get at least face value for the tickets. He didn’t like the options out there so he created BANDWAGON to help others customize the experience.

The company tested the concept this past season with Clemson fans after doing major research into the sports ticket buying audience, he said. This has helped them customize the user experience.

“BANDWAGON is for fans who want to play their part in their team’s success, show their true colors and not be nickeled and dimed on fees,” he said.

BANDWAGON differentiates itself from the giants in the ticket resale space, like StubHub, VividSeats and Ticketmaster, by making the fan experience more enjoyable by helping fans and teams protect their home-field advantage,  Hughes said.

When fans sign up on the BANDWAGON platform, they join their favorite team’s “Bandwagon” and when the time comes for them to sell a ticket, they have the option of using the “Bandwagon Only” feature, which restricts sale to other fans of the same team.

 “Reaction to the model was strong the first season and we feel confident that football fans across the country will want to check it out this season,” Hughes said.


BANDWAGON is a sports technology company that captures and elevates the gameday experience for fans, teams, and brands.  From designing customizable ticket options based on fans’ needs, to curated tailgating tips and travel planning for away games, BANDWAGON harnesses the power of data to serve as an online gameday headquarters for both the casual fan and the dedicated ticket holder. For more information, visit www.bandwagonfanclub.com, and join the community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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