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 Best Companies for Working Moms

The Best Upstate Companies for Working MOMS.
By Dana W. Todd
June 01, 2011

Jump in the shower. Blow dry your hair. Apply makeup and wake up the kids. Run to the kitchen and make breakfast for everyone. Remind the kids to brush their teeth. Sign the permission slips and homework assignments and shuttle everyone to school. Ahhhh...time to relax? No way; now it's time for the paying full-time job. The life of a working mother can be a juggling act. That's why some of the Upstate's premier companies have decided to make it a little easier for the women who try to balance work and family. 

These companies are the best of the best when it comes to providing an ideal environment for working moms. Take a peek and see why their employees love working there. Read more

Terry Hypes, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate