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Caring is Key at Moore Beauston Woodham LLP

By Amanda Capps

Some may think of accounting in the short-term—monthly statements or the annual tax season—but Moore Beauston Woodham’s long-term investments of time, assets, and care have made them indispensable to clients for almost three decades and a Top Workplace in 2020.

Founding partner John Beauston of the Charleston office helped establish the first of four locations in Columbia in 1992. His practice of supporting individual initiatives has fostered employees who are eager to help clients with their specific needs.

“We have to know their goals and their mission—business and personal,” Beauston said, noting that they work with many clients on succession planning to ensure the survival of family-owned operations across generations.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, staff members have typically found themselves interacting with clients late into the evening as they navigate the banks’ various methods of calculating loans. Their crisis management reflects their everyday practices, which translate to a proactive approach.

“We stay current on legislation regarding payroll and many other issues. It’s time consuming but very necessary,” Beauston said. Now, they’re doing the same and staying on top of the Cares Act and the Secure Act.

Ken Newhouse, the managing partner in Columbia, said the firm has been just as diligent about employee retention.

“That’s one of the reasons we’ve stayed together throughout this situation as we’ve deployed staff to work from home,” Newhouse said. “We have the technology, but it’s more than sharing screens.”

With a vested interest in employee success, Newhouse said the partners help them grow in their careers by encouraging travel and exposure to a wider spectrum of peers and presenters, along with the education needed to pursue their areas of interest. Beauston noted that the firm is a member of BKR, a global group of independent accounting and business advisory firms with offices in over 70 countries. 

Although she’s new to the working world, tax staff accountant Judi Wellendorf of Columbia was quick to recognize valuable support from all levels. A 2017 college graduate, she said the partners offer kind words—and sometimes even Starbucks gift cards—with a reminder to keep studying for the CPA exam. “It’s really cool that [the partners] care about our day-to-day lives,” Wellendorf said.