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Kopis To Offer Modernization Assessments

Jul 10, 2019 10:27AM

Leading software company Kopis is now offering a new service aimed at helping businesses keep their technology current.

The Modernization Assessments plan is geared for medium and large businesses updating their software platforms to ensure that these companies are able to keep offering their clients exceptional services.

“Businesses run on software,” said Andrew Kurtz, CEO of Kopis. “Many systems are developed specifically for devices, processes, and user expectations. Kopis provides assessments of these systems as a first step in determining the best path to modernize. This offering has the greatest impact on self-monitored applications or software that desires an outside review of the quality, extensibility, and viability of their applications to meet user expectations.”

As part of the Modernization Assessments Plan, Kopis will conduct an Architectural Review and Code Review of the specified applications by using standard industry guidelines and best practices. Areas of focus will be on application performance, availability, reliability, scalability, security, maintainability, accessibility, deployment, and extensibility. Performing an outside third-party review of the application with fresh perspective will validate the architectural model, integrity, and maintainability.

In addition, this assessment utilizes the business intelligence practice to evaluate a business’ current data platform and its ability to provide quantifiable answers to its most troublesome business questions. The focus of this assessment is to allow your users to start acting on the information in front of them.

“Our team can help you organize your information and create stunning data visualizations, making your data easily understandable and helping you turn insights into impacts,” said Andrew Kurtz.

Many organizations are interested in leveraging cloud options to reduce their on-premises footprint, management, power, and infrastructure costs. In this assessment, Kopis’ Cloud practice will assess the applications utilized for viability in migrating or developing applications to reside in the cloud.

Kopis will deliver a document that will outline the approach taken, areas of the application reviewed, findings and recommendations for these areas, areas of concern, mitigations recommended, and any recommended next steps.

“Our experience has shown that the user experience is key to successful corporate growth,” said Andrew Kurtz, Kopis’ CEO and President. “Our team of senior architects and business analysts are experts in assessing, evaluating, and providing approaches to bring impact through modernization. The following Assessment types focus on specific needs and follow industry best practices.”