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Spencer Hines Properties Announces Sales And Leases For April 2019

Spencer Hines Properties announces the following sales and leases for the month of April 2019:


713 W Wade Hampton Blvd., Greer
3000 square feet; Retail; $565,000
Buyer: JRG Greer, Inc
Seller: 1 st Tennessee Bank
Agent: Guy Harris, Guy Harris Jr.

48 Parkway Commons Way., Greer
1915 square feet; Office; $230,000
Buyer: IFS Holdings
Seller: Greene Investments
Agent: Guy Harris, Guy Harris Jr.

2764 Tobacco Rd., Hephaiban, Ga.
0.528 acres; Retail; $239,500
Buyer: Dorothy Jackson
Seller: Banker Exchange
Agent: Guy Harris, Robbie Romeiser

402 McCravy Dr., Spartanburg
12000 square feet; Retail; $375,000
Buyer: 402 McCravy Dr LLC
Seller: Oliver Cecil
Agent: Lynn Spencer

220 Roper Mountain Rd., Greenville
15000 square feet; Office; $1,895,000
Buyer: North & West Grove Properties
Seller: Roper Mountain MD Realty
Agent: Ben Hines, Andy Hayes

230 North Grove Medical Park, Spartanburg
1 acre; Land; $290,000
Buyer: FPD Properties
Seller: Spartanburg Office Associates
Agent: Ben Hines, Andy Hayes

911 Wesley Ct., Boiling Springs
8991 Hwy 9, Inman
19460 square feet; Investment; $585,000
Buyer: Eagle Guard Storage
Seller: PR Investments
Agent: Dale Seay

101 Southport Rd., Spartanburg
93 Kensington Dr., Spartanburg
1800 square feet; Retail; $340,000
Buyer: Longhorn Partners, LLC
Seller: Serendipity Property Management
Agent: Guy Harris, Guy Harris Jr.

221 Cedar Springs Rd., Spartanburg
2670 square feet; Retail; $140,000
Buyer: Khanh Tran
Seller: WTB, LLC
Agent: Andy Hayes, Ben Hines


3720 Boiling Springs Rd., Boiling Springs
1400 square feet; Retail
Lessee: John Bruner
Lessor: WHLR – Cypress
Agent: Guy Harris, Guy Harris Jr.

223 E. Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg
1500 square feet; Office
Lessee: Rebecca Leigh
Lessor: Monty Kirby
Agent: Dale Seay

1801 Drayton Rd., Spartanburg
2968 square feet; Office
Lessee: Hypersign
Lessor: Drayton Mills Retail
Agent: Greyson Furnas, Dylan Abernathy

1059 Fernwood Glendale, Spartanburg
1350 square feet; Retail
Lessee: H.A.D. Lounge
Lessor: Kim Chewy
Agent: Greyson Furnas, Dylan Abernathy

359 Whitney Rd., Unit 13 Spartanburg
900 square feet; Retail
Lessee: Regina Miller
Lessor: CEF & Co.
Agent: Greyson Furnas

801 E. Main St., Duncan
900 square feet; Office
Lessee: Premier Chiropractor
Lessor: John Eleazer
Agent: Dale Seay, Greyson Furnas

364 S. Spartanburg Hwy., Wellford
18000 square feet; Retail
Lessee: AT&T
Lessor: Brian Armstrong
Agent: Lynn Spencer

3935 Pelham Rd., Greenville
3305 square feet; Retail
Lessee: Eggs 36 LLC
Lessor: Bond Street Fund 7
Agent: Lynn Spencer

156 S. Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg
900 square feet; Office
Lessee: Saphire Leadership Group
Lessor: H&D Holdings
Agent: Dylan Abernathy, Greyson Furnas

8147 Warren H Abernathy, Spartanburg
1500 square feet; Retail
Lessee: Carolina Smoothie
Lessor: A&M LLC
Agent: Guy Harris, Guy Harris Jr.

449 E. Main St., Spartanburg
2400 square feet; Retail
Lessee: Mobility, Inc
Lessor: UCB SC Properties
Agent: Guy Harris, Guy Harris Jr.

1650 Skylyn Dr., Spartanburg
5915 square feet; Office
Lessee: Carolina Hand Center
Lessor: Altera Mary Black
Agent: Andy Hayes, Ben Hines

98 Fairview Rd. Spartanburg
12000 square feet; Industrial
Lessee: DG Construction, LLC
Lessor: ARTEP, LLC
Agent: Lynn Spencer

115 Southport Rd., Unit I, Spartanburg
1975 square feet; Office
Lessee: RTR Group
Lessor: Emstark, LLC
Agent: Craig Jacobs