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Marchant Real Estate Welcomes Addition of BrownStone Property Advisors

Marchant Real Estate has on-boarded BrownStone Property Advisors as its newest team of agents. Committed to helping clients find their dream home for their dream price, agents Rhett Brown, Kirby Stone, Tatum Stone and Christina Taylor teamed up to make home buying and selling easier than ever. Their mission is to provide the highest level of real estate service while also maintaining maximum integrity and essential transparency with clients.

Rhett Brown’s vision for a women-lead team initiated the creation of BrownStone Property Advisors. Brown has experience with appraisals, mortgages, negotiat- ing short sales and real estate sales. With her vast background knowledge and experience, she is able to guide clients through every step of the process with ease. Whether it is building a brand new house or selling a home for top dollar, Brown views her job as critical to her clients’ success. Along with her team of real estate agent powerhouses, BrownStone Property Advisors aims to more effec- tively serve clients in a similar regard.

Kirby Stone credits being raised in the Greenville area to better preparing her for work in this field. She fully understands just how special it is to call Greenville home, and she adequately reflects that to every client. Her vast knowledge of the area and experience in the industry further expands the leverage behind BrownStone Property Advisors.

Christina Taylor has a deep admiration for architecture and old, historical homes, yet she is also eager to help clients find a newer home to love and call their own. This adoration of both the old and the new allows any client to easily relate and feel comfortable entrusting Taylor with his/her vision.

Tatum Stone’s primary goal is to provide top of the line real estate services to her clients. Stone is actively involved in developing the future well-being and growth of the city by placing clients in the right area, whether it be established already, currently expanding or evolving into something new.

“We are thrilled to have this team of women heading BrownStone Property Advi- sors. Each agent brings something fresh and essential to the team, making them a very strong real estate group,” says Seabrook Marchant, President and Broker in Charge.

About Marchant Real Estate

Being rooted in Greenville, Marchant Real Estate knows the area well. This family of real estate professionals helps find the perfect house for every client, in just the right neighborhood, at just the right price. Marchant Real Estate understands what buying a house means: It’s a place to create memories, to start a family, and to build a future.

The Marchant Real Estate was founded by Seabrook Marchant in 1993 after working for another local real estate for 25 years. The company was initially in- volved just in new home sales and subdivision development. However, within a few years, the company expanded to include general brokerage and property management. Seabrook’s son, Brian joined the company in 1995 shortly after graduating from Wofford College and today serves as the company’s CFO and partner in Marchant Property Management, LLC.

Seabrook’s nephew, Tom joined the company in 2005 and today serves as Vice President for Advertising/Marketing. Seabrook’s wife, Anne joined the company in 2007. Today she serves as the company’s Business Manager as well as a part- ner in Marchant Property Management, LLC.


For more information about Brown Stone Advisors, click here. For more information about Marchant Real Estate, click here.