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Spencer/Hines Announces February 2019 Leases, Sales

Mar 08, 2019 12:08PM ● By Kathleen Maris
Spencer/Hines Properties announces the following leases and sales in February 2019:


7092 Howard St “J”, Spartanburg
4500 square feet, Retail
Lessee: Clear Choice Auto Glass
Lessor: Hearon Center
Agent: Lynn Spencer

1024 “B” East North St., Greenville
1030 square feet, Hair Salon
Lessee: He and Me Hair Salon
Lessor: Carmichael-Latham, LLC
Agent: Ben Hines, Andy Hayes

5971 US Highway 221, Roebuck
30,000 square feet, Industrial
Lessee: Native American Logistics
Lessor: WCC Holdings, LLC
Agent: Ben Hines, Andy Hayes

505 E. Main St., Spartanburg
2252 square feet, Retail
Lessee: Michael Cook
Lessor: R & E Properties
Agent: Ben Hines, Andy Hines

1802 Drayton Rd., Spartanburg
2854 square feet & 2431 square feet, Retail & Office
Lessee: Lauren Ashtyn & Holliday Brewing
Lessor: Drayton Mill Retail
Agent: Greyson Furnas, Dylan Abernathy, Ben Hines, Andy Hayes

333 Magnolia St., Spartanburg
1472 square feet, Retail
Lessee: Fresh Salon
Lessor: Lamar Holdings
Agent: Dale Seay

156 Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg
966 square feet, Office
Lessee: Sapphire Leadership Group
Lessor: H & D Holdings
Agent: Greyson Furnas

351 “A” E. Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg
1400 square feet, Special Use: Religious Facility
Lessee: Crystal Meadows & Michael Johnson
Lessor: Caman Group, Inc.
Agent: Guy Harris & Robbie Romeiser

2994 Fairforest Clevedale Rd., Spartanburg
Several Warehouses Lease renewal
Lessee: David Diesel & All Metals
Lessor: Fairforest Southern
Agent: Ben Hines, Andy Hayes

229 Magnolia St., Spartanburg
1600 square feet, Office
Lessee: Grace Presbyterian Church
Lessor: 229 Magnolia LLC
Agent: Ben Hines, Andy Hayes

990 W. Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg
2150 square feet, Retail
Lessee: Samara Whiteside
Lessor: Power of Prayer
Agent: Craig Jacobs

1700 Victor Hill Rd., Duncan
27,500 square feet, Industrial
Lessee: LEL International
Lessor: Big Sky Properties
Agent: Ben Hines, Andy Hayes

4380 S. Church St., Roebuck
5000 square feet, Warehouse
Lessee: Tim Nabors
Lessor: Hammett Holdings
Agent: Guy Harris Sr., Guy Harris Jr., Mike Tan

1791 Legrand Rd., Columbia
1500 square feet, Industrial
Lessee: Smart Start
Lessor: Legrand Investment
Agent: Dale Seay

2152 E. Main St., Duncan
1789 square feet, Retail
Lessee: Amanda Harris
Lessor: Atlas Development
Agent: Guy Harris Sr., Guy Harris Jr.

2138 E. Main St., Duncan
2392 square feet, Restaurant
Lessee: Tokyo Grill
Lessor: Atlas Development
Agent: Guy Harris Sr., Guy Harris Jr.

2154 E. Main St., Duncan
1383 square feet, Restaurant
Lessee: Marco’s Pizza
Lessor: Atlas Development
Agent: Guy Harris Sr., Guy Harris Jr

8147 Warren H Abernathy, Spartanburg
1500 square feet, Retail
Lessee: Mason Unlimited
Lessor: A & M LLC
Agent: Guy Harris Sr., Guy Harris Jr.


Asheville Hwy & Gowan Rd., Inman
2.9 acres & 1.86 acres, $60,000 Land
Buyer: MCAK, LLC
Seller: Marcus Elliott
Agent: Ben Hines, Andy Hayes, Dale Seay

5 Five Chop Rd., Orangeburg
7100 square feet, Industrial
Lessee: Baxter Properties, Inc.
Lessor: George & Susan Stroman
Agent: Guy Harris Sr. & Guy Harris Jr.