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Hispanic Alliance Unveils Report on Current State of the Hispanic/Latino Community in Greenville

The Hispanic Alliance, in partnership with the Community Foundation of Greenville and Furman University, hosted a special event to unveil Hispanics in Greenville, a needs assessment study evaluating the current state of the Hispanic/Latino community in Greenville County. The public was invited to this presentation of the research findings on Tuesday, January 29th from 8:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. at the Commerce Club (55 Beattie Place, 17th floor, Greenville, SC). Dr. Courtney Quinn and Dr. Matt Cohen of Furman University provided consultation on survey methodology and data collection as well as the final data analysis and completion of a comprehensive report, which will be available for all attendees. Dr. Quinn presented a brief summary of the study’s findings and their potential relevance for the community at large.

As a catalyst for strategic collaboration on behalf of the Hispanic community, the Hispanic Alliance has applied its cultural capital and understanding of the county’s social and cultural ecosystem towards the development of this community needs assessment. This initiative began in 2017 with an eye towards discovering gaps in access to essential resources and services, and pinpointing social disparities in areas such as education, health, and economic mobility. The organization hopes that the results of the study will be used by stakeholders across sectors to inform appropriate interventions and improve quality of life for the entire Greenville community.

Hispanic population growth in Greenville County continues to exceed the overall rate of growth, now comprising nearly 10% of the population. “The report provides reliable information so that policymakers, corporations, and organizations can form educated opinions and prepare for the future based on real data,” said Adela Mendoza, Executive Director of Hispanic Alliance. “Whether it is the school district increasing its capacity to engage parents, or local industries strategizing to create targeted pipelines to prepare workers for jobs, this study gives insight that can have a lasting impact and move the community forward.” 

Surveys were conducted through in-depth interviews with four hundred Hispanic residents representing a broad segment of the population in various locations throughout Greenville County. The survey questions addressed availability of culturally and linguistically appropriate resources, as well as perceived barriers to access related to four key sectors: education, financial stability, healthcare, and legal services. As a result, this report is not only descriptive, but offers insight and guidance into areas of need and potential community interventions to achieve a more equitable community for all.

Funding for this endeavor was generously provided by Community Foundation of Greenville, the Graham Foundation and the Gilreath Foundation.  “The Hispanic Alliance is a trusted partner of the Community Foundation, United Way and other organizations that want to understand the unique contributions of Hispanic families to Greenville,” said Bob Morris, President of the Community Foundation. “Data is the basis for informed decision making, so a study was needed to highlight the challenges we face in taking advantage of rich cultural traditions that are not well-known and often overlooked.”

The report is available now and can be viewed at

Hispanic Alliance​ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Greenville, South Carolina that convenes the largest network of individuals and agencies working together to advance Hispanic communities in the region. Its mission is to foster collaboration and connectivity among people, resources and cultures to build thriving communities. For more information about the Hispanic Alliance, please visit ​