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Greenville Business Magazine

Greenville Business Magazine turns 25

Oct 04, 2018 03:53PM ● By Emily Stevenson
By Lori Coon

Twenty-five years ago, Greenville was a lot different than it is now. Downtown was in the middle of a revitalization, the Liberty Bridge was non-existent,  the baseball field was in Mauldin,  Greenville Memorial Auditorium was still standing, BMW Manufacturing just broke ground on its first plant in the Upstate, and the Eastside was going through a residential boom. Greenville had become an important business and economic focal point in the Southeast. 

In October 1993, with Gary R. Ault  as president and publisher and Craig A. Henrich as editor, Greenville Business Magazine’s inaugural issue was published.  A little over 9,000 days and 300 issues later, we are celebrating the beginning of 25 years and are stronger than ever.

Over the past 10 years we have purchased Columbia Business Monthly and launched Charleston Business Magazine. We run nine statewide events, and manage three websites daily along with their corresponding social media accounts. We are in the center of growth and revitalization across the state. We bring the leaders of the community to the forefront to record their successes, and we encourage young professionals to take pride in the community.

Although the staff has changed over the years and we are now owned by Indexx Printing, the vision for the magazine remains, and that is to consistently produce a superior publication that reports on financial, economic, and political subjects and trends affecting our area and state. 

It takes endurance, perseverance, dedication, and a love of this job to publish in this day and time. Most of all it takes teamwork.

Over the past 25 years, we have seen many editors, writers, photographers, graphic designers, and sales people that have worked diligently for the magazine and a plethora of business leaders who have contributed expert advice and opinions. I salute them all for the foundation they helped build, a foundation that allowed us to grow.

I especially thank our subscribers for their continued readership and our advertisers. Without your financial support we would certainly not be here today.

For the next 25 years, we will follow new leaders within the business community and try to give you a fresh perspective on business trends and issues. Every day we will post new developments and changes that will record the business history as it unfolds.

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