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S.C. Rural Infrastructure Authority Approves Grants

May 23, 2018 03:33PM ● By Kathleen Maris
The S.C. Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) has approved grant assistance for 23 projects, totaling more than $10 million. These awards bring the number of projects awarded to 51 in fiscal year 2018, totaling $22 million.
Recognizing there is a critical need to upgrade infrastructure across the state, the projects funded will result in increased water and sewer system capacity and stormwater drainage improvements. Recipients share in the cost of these projects by paying for non-construction activities and, in many cases, providing additional funds for construction.
Working with local officials, RIA supports community projects most in need and works to address infrastructure issues that have the potential to hinder economic development and growth.
"Often times, infrastructure investments go unnoticed once construction is complete, but the benefit does not. These types of projects lead to improved quality of life, protection of the environment, and community sustainability," said Executive Director Bonnie Ammons.
The impact of such projects can have long-lasting effects on the 71,000 residential and business customers served by the infrastructure being improved - whether it is providing additional capacity for new or expanding businesses that will generate jobs and private investment or ensuring safe drinking water and sanitary sewer treatment.
RIA grants are awarded twice a year through a competitive process that considers the need for improved public health, environmental protection, community sustainability and economic development. Applications are selected by the RIA board based on criteria, including: severity of the problem, expected impact and project feasibility.
A list of grant recipients for the second round of fiscal year 2018 is below.

Aiken, City of Sewer System Improvements$500,000
Anderson CountyEconomic Water Infrastructure$47,314
Belton-Honea Path Water AuthorityWater System Improvements$270,000
Bennettsville, City ofWater Line Upgrades$487,900
Berkeley CountyEconomic Sewer Infrastructure$500,000
Calhoun CountyEconomic Water and Sewer Infrastructure$500,000
Clemson, City ofWater System Improvements$500,000
Dorchester CountySewer System Improvements$457,312
Fairfax, Town ofWater Line Upgrades$145,310
Florence, City ofWater System Improvements$500,000
Holly Hill, Town ofSewer System Improvements$319,000
Jackson, Town ofWater Line Upgrades$500,000
Kershaw, Town ofSewer System Improvements$326,115
Latta, Town of Water Line Upgrades$500,000
Laurens County Water and Sewer CommissionWater Line Upgrades$500,000
Lynchburg, Town ofWater Line Upgrades$500,000
Ninety Six Commission of Public WorksPump Station Upgrade$500,000
Ridgeland, Town ofSewer System Improvements$1,000,000
Six Mile Rural Community Water DistrictWater Line Upgrades$350,000
Sumter, City ofInterconnection of Sewer Systems$500,000
Union County Water Tank Improvements$130,000
Williamston, Town ofWater Line Upgrades$500,000
York CountyWater Tank Construction $500,000