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Four Tech Firms Poised For Success

Mar 06, 2018 02:10PM ● By Emily Stevenson
By Traci Alberti
Photography by Greenville Headshots

Technology and software firms are on the rise in Greenville, thanks to a surge in support from incubators. Here’s a look at a few companies poised to do big things in the tech market.

CIMcloud by Website Pipeline
B2B transactions in their current state are inefficient, and Website Pipeline has introduced a solution. While many B2B interactions take place via phone, fax, and email, CIMcloud by Website Pipeline allows its clients’ employees to track customer information so they don’t have to be as involved in the transaction process details. It is a tool that allows customers to self-service, therefore promoting clients’ employee productivity elsewhere.

Website Pipeline began in 2000 in Brian Seidel’s home basement, but quickly established itself and has been featured in the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the U.S. for seven consecutive years. The company’s latest platform, CIMcloud, uniquely occupies its own software category: customer interaction management (CIM). It is a hybrid of two major business fronts that are popular among product-centric B2B companies—​customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce.

Website Pipeline has come to know its customers, see their needs, and offer a reliable fix.

“It was basically driven from a demand in our customer base and seeing the pain that our customers had associated with what they were trying to do,” says Siedel, CEO. In the near future, Website Pipeline plans to push for further CIMcloud name recognition and development into a full-featured CRM system.

Since 2005, Amazon Prime has enabled products to be delivered to customers within two days—therefore setting the industry standard for warehouse efficiency and speed. Many distribution centers are looking to keep up with this competitive standard, and the Foxfire warehouse management software (WMS) is a reliable and intricate fix.

“We pride ourselves on having a complex solution for a complex warehouse,” says John Sterling, CEO.

Foxfire offers services including a web-based dashboard that updates in real-time, inventory tracking technology, and labeling systems, creating clarity and consistency. It is provided exclusively through the ScanSource value added reseller (VAR) network. When the software is distributed to VARs, they also receive barcodes, handheld readers, and radiofrequency devices through ScanSource that will make operations run as smoothly as possible. Because the Foxfire software was designed to accommodate for extensive operations, it has proven to work at its best in larger warehouses.

Recently, the company has developed technology, which allows its customers to check their warehouse inventory and scan items on their smartphones for added convenience. Foxfire’s goal for the near future is to keep up with the quickly changing trends of technology and continue to maintain relationships with VARs located throughout the U.S.

Fusion Web Clinic
Growing at a rate of 100 percent every year for the past six years, Fusion Web Clinic is becoming the pediatric therapy electronic medical record (EMR) software market leader.

“Our software helps to facilitate everything that clinics or practices do to manage their patients and bill insurance so that their lives are a little bit easier and things run more smoothly,” says Derek Pederson, CEO.

While other EMR companies have dabbled in creating software for pediatric therapy offices, Fusion Web Clinic is currently the only company that is solely pediatric-focused. The software offers many of the same features as its non-specialized counterparts, but it also boasts features for pediatric offices and doctors, specifically. When the company first began, Pederson often met with pediatric therapists in order to understand how the software could make their lives as simple and efficient as possible. From Pederson’s research, Fusion Web Clinic created a system that is customizable, but also offers helpful suggestions along the way to cater towards common themes of pediatric therapy.

As Fusion Web Clinic’s team plans for upcoming years, it hopes to grow in the pediatric therapy EMR niche and leverage relationships with current clients through creating new forms of supplemental software.

Human Presence by Ellipsis Technologies
CAPTCHA bot screening, a system used to distinguish a human user from a machine online, causes businesses to lose 4 percent of customers at first sight and runs at a 40 percent first attempt fail rate.

In response, CEO Bill West and his team at Ellipsis Technologies looked for an alternative solution to Internet security issues for customers that would work smarter and be more user-friendly. The result: Human Presence, an innovative software solution for enterprises that detects bots without the nuisance of CAPTCHA. The software collects timing and movement measurements as a customer is using a site, compares them to algorithms previously measured, and presents a call to action to the overseeing company according to its findings. In addition to reducing the pain of bot detection, the company offers an e-commerce form spam identification software.

Looking to the future, Ellipsis Technologies hopes to create a variation of Human Presence to the medical field, branded as Human Identity. According to recent research, the software could be used to detect early signs of Alzheimer’s, PTSD, and brain injury. The unique ability of the software to create a ‘movement signature’ for each user could clearly point to any form of degradation of behavior over time.